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A recent post about Kroger prompts me to recount my experience with one of their stores yesterday:

To begin, I don't usually shop at Kroger because I've had a few not so pleasant experiences. In fact, I only go if there is absolutely no other choice...such as lunchtime yesterday. I needed to pick up some Glucerna products and fix something from the salad bar. All's well at first - I can't find the Glucerna, but a very nice young stocker actually walked me over to the display because it was in an area I just didn't see (even though it's near produce where the salad bar is - doh me)

I go up to the cashier and am asked if I have a Kroger card. I say no and that I don't shop here often enough to need one. The cashier begins her speil:

Cashier: It will just take a moment to fill out; all we need is your name and address.
Customer: I'm not interested
Cashier: You'll save lots of money
Customer: No thank you I don't usually shop here (sliding my debit card through the scanner, then punch the necessary buttons to conclude and then wait for cashier to do her magic)
Cashier: But it's so fast and easy to sign up
Customer: No, thank you.

At that moment, a cashier supervisor butts in with her two cents:
Stuporvisor: Here's an app, it will take just take 2 minutes to fill out, ma'am.
Customer: No, I'm not interested and I'm now running late.
Stupor: Cashier, give her a pen
Cashier: Here you go, ma'am - evil rattlesnake smile on her face as she holds my groceries hostage.
Customer: Look, I don't have time, please finish my sale
Stupor (who apparently has an answer for every objection): While she's doing that, why don't you fill out the app. (hands new card to cashier to scan)
Customer: FINE (against my better judgement I capitulate and fill it out with absolutely no correct information. I mispelled my name, combined several old addresses to make a new one and filled in the phone number of a local prayer line [don't ask]

By this time, I'm angry but still polite. The scanner has timed-out on my transaction and I have to start over. I don't pay a great deal of attention to the total only vaguely noting it was a little higher than I thought. But I wanted out.

We're finished, at long last, both the cashier and stuporvisor admonish me to "have a good one," and I go to my car.

Back at my office a little while later, I'm entering the transaction in my log and notice the cashier had charged me for 3 packages of Glucerna not the 2 I bought. That raised the total of the sale by $10.39 + tax. No wonder I thought it was a "little" high when paying for it. I immediately call the store and get a CSR who sounds like I just woke her up from winter hibernation. I tell her the situation and she says to just come back in with the receipt and they would take care of it. I then mention the annoying pressure to sign up for a KrogerPlus card by the cashier (whose name is on the receipt!) and her stuporvisor. The CSR replies with, "Oh, yeah, right," as though she's dozing off again.

That should have been the end of this experience but wait, there's more:

I stopped by the store last evening, went to the service desk and recounted my tale of woe - calmly, quietly and without resorting to name calling or profanity. The gum cracking young male CSR then says:
"How do I know you only bought 2? You could be trying to scam us."

WHAT THE FUCK!?! I take a deep breath while red dots begin dance before my eyes and I feel my body turn green and start expanding like David Banner's.

Customer: "Let me talk to your manager." Again, I am calm (on the surface) and still polite (on the surface)
CSR: Uh, we don' need to gets the manager. (the "t" is not missing, that's the way the boy said it)
Customer: You may not need the manager, But. I. Do. Call him or her up here, NOW!
The CSR pages the manager who shows up approx 5 minutes later. I checked my watch because I know time can move slowly when ones blood pressure is rising and I didn't want to be accused of exaggerating the wait later)

The MOD asks what the problem was and before I can open my mouth, the CSR launches into his concern about the validity of my overcharge.

Customer: Stop! You, young man (pointing to cashier), be quiet. I'll explain it.

Never in any of this have I raised my voice or resorted to bad language nor made accusations regarding anyone's culpability in the situation.

I explain to the MOD what had happened earlier in the day, showed him the cashier's name on the receipt and told him the supervisor's name (because I saw her name tag and I remembered it intending to write a letter to Kroger corporate). I also told him about the "tag team" efforts of the cashier and supervisor to get me to sign up for a KrogerPlus card.

The MOD says nothing to me but turns to the CSR and says, "Give the lady her money back and a gift card for $25." He then apologizes to me and says "appropriate action" will be taken to see that nothing like this happens again.

After getting my refund and the gift card, I thank the manager for the gift card but tell him that I will not be using it. I'm going donate it to Lutheran Family Services for their use in aiding families in crisis.

So, there's the tale of the Inconvenienced & Insulted Customer. It will be a very rainy day in the Gobi Desert before I shop in Kroger again.
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