I am not Herbert! (tnjade) wrote in bad_service,
I am not Herbert!

Not terrible service, but annoying nonetheless

This post prompted me to write about my own grocery tale.

There is a Kroger by our house, and my husband and I go there a few times a week. Usually, we use the UScan option, but this time, we had to go through a line. When we rolled up there with our cart, there were three employees having a conversation (no big deal, it was slow). The cashier kept yelling at her friends and never asked for the Kroger Plus Card (again, not a huge deal) but threw our groceries on the counter after scanning them. Bread? Scan, chunk. Milk? Scan, chunk. Foil-covered yogurts that burst open easily? Scan, chunk. The ENTIRE TIME, none of the employees spoke to us. She just looked at me when she'd finished and kinda pointed to the credit card scanner.

Add that to the fact that this Kroger has stopped carrying most of our favorite products, and I think we're going back to the one three miles away. I realize this isn't going to make or break Kroger, but that store has gone downhill since the "new" manager took over.

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