jOdi (detailsofmylife) wrote in bad_service,

First time poster here. I am a very calm person i feel, i dont really get angry or anything but this guy got me so freakin mad i had steam coming out of my ears. Okay its around 6 oclock i just got out of work and wanted to pick up a pack of cigarettes. Here in NJ, cigarettes are quite expensive totaling around 6 dollars. I go to the local Shell and park my car. There was no store in it so i went up to the gas station guy and asked him for a pack of cigarettes which they did indeed sell.

He asks for my ID which I gladly give him because i do know that i look younger than my 21 years. Since i was coming from work, i didnt really have a lot of money on me. Just a five dollar bill and some change, so thats what i handed over to him. (Approx. 9 dimes and ten pennies) According to this man, Shell does not take change and i should go in my car and go away. He repeatedly said go away that they dont want my business because i have change. I asked for his name, he wouldnt give it to me. I asked if he owned the store, he wouldnt tell me. He just completely ignored me and slammed the door in my face from his little cubicle where the register is at a gas station.

I couldnt believe it, I mean i understand he had to pump gas as well but all he had to say was can you give me a second miss? Im a little busy. I wouldve been like SURE! take your time. im not in a rush. but nooooooo. This man thinks hes dealing with a little girl that doesnt matter. Since i couldnt complain to his boss i simply just called up shell and complained. When you call up corporate, does that really matter? i mean will they do anything about it?

Im just so pissed off ive never been treated this way in my life. I had american currency, it was a dollar in change, i agree, i have worked in retail... change sucks ass. But i wasnt emptying my wallet on him that was literally all i had. Unless he wanted to take credit card of course but i imagine that wouldve wasted his time even more considering he wouldve had to wait for it to go through. He just got me so pissed off. He even told me to go away and call the authorities if i wanted just to get off "his gas station" which i doubt was his anyways.
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