sheepmaster (sheepmaster) wrote in bad_service,

This happened about a week before Christmas, on a Sunday afternoon. I'd gone straight from work to the local Dick Smith Powerhouse to pick up a few games for me and my boy, and there was understandably a bit of a line, but I was happy to wait. It looked as if all the cashiers on were new or something, as most had a second person explaining/bagging, which I don't see in Australia. But that wasn't what miffed me.

When I got to being served, I greeted the cashier with a "Hi, how are you?" being that I had just come from work and was in that gear.

... silence.

Ookay, I thought, and continued on. He scanned my two items. I handed over my credit card, and had to prompt him that it was to go through on credit, because he didn't ask.

It was just really bizzare. During the entire two-minute transation, he didn't look at me, and he said nothing other than "want a bag" right before I left. I mean, I can understand that dealing with holiday customers isn't fun; I'd just working a 7-hr shift right before then, and I still managed to be pleasant to him.

Not terrible service or anything; it just totally threw me for a loop. I kept expecting him to be someone I knew from high school who was embarrassed to see me!

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