Snarky's Delight (deadcherries) wrote in bad_service,
Snarky's Delight

I need to get this out.

We've lived here since March. We've only been on the directory for the front gate just once, over the summer and for a few weeks. It hasn't been back up with our name on it in over six months.

We have an apartment manager who is supposed to be here every day until 5 but she leaves several times a week well before 3:30pm. I have found the business hours for this place clearly posted on the internet web page.

I waited here all day for a package from Fed Ex.

Jan 6, 2006 3:58 PM

Delivery exception


Customer not available or business closed

How am I supposed to get the package if I don't know that someone is here, they have no way to contact me, and that the manager is always gone whenever the hell she pleases?
I have a whole list of things this place has or hasn't done, but I'm saving them up for my community.
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