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(trying to) stick it to the man.--$1049 water bill...yes...again...

ok well...it's now been how long? (three months +) since we've been fighting with EPCOR about this bogus water bill and since involving the MLA (member of parliment) we've pretty much just been given the run around some more. (not by the MLA, by EPCOR). here are the last emails between the MLA and us. doesn't look good. i'm running out of ideas here. any suggestions other than going up the chain of command at EPCOR or contacting our member of parliment...we've already tried those. if the electrical ombudsman and MLA didn't have success...do you think the media would?

letters from the MLA

Hi Dawn,


I am still trying different avenues to see if there are loop holes anywhere.  I meant to call last week just to let you know that I was still working on it, sorry, it’s been crazy.

I will let you know as soon as I get a call back.



Hi Dawn I am looking into the electrical ombudsmen. Hopefully this will give us something more to play with.



Happy New Year Dawn!


I have been in contact with the Utilities Ombudsman, and he is now looking into the matter as well.  I am still waiting to hear from 1 other authority, by the end of this week.  Either way I will let you know what the findings are on that day. 

Talk to you soon.



Hi, I have just heard back from Escalations, and they have gone to EPCOR and requested a summary of account.  I spoke with a woman by the name of Tracy, and she has advised me that because the Utility is unregulated that the charges are accurate. The only other option that is available at the moment is to have the meter physically read.  I am sorry it’s not the news that we were hoping for.  Please contact me if you have any questions about the conversation.  I will still try to find a loop hole somewhere, but I was advised, to advise you, to contact EPCOR to make some sort of Payment arrangements.


Once again Sorry.



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