Blue (oxmyx) wrote in bad_service,

I guess I can't swear in these posts...?

I am Canadian and have Rogers wireless cell phone service.

I call Rogers up tonight after receiving an "anniversary" bonus letter at the end of last year that entitles me to one free month of local calling if I call them to accept it. This is also known as an "anniversary gift". Keep in mind that I have had a cell phone longer than any of my friends or family. I have had the same # since 1997.

In October I called them to change some options on my PLAN. NO new phone, no cancelling or interrupting service, nothing. They told me they had to change my account and give me a new account #. At first I didn't know what this would entail, but I realized the ramifications of it soon after. In fact, I think I complained that night about this because I could forsee potential problems...

Anyways I call them up tonight, they accuse me of having my new account and now I am not eligible for this offer...blah blah, and then I have to go into a big song and dance once again to tell them that it was THEM that had to change the account to a brand ******* new one so that I could get these new deals.
Basically, they sold me out. *******. Since I was still pissed and Jimbob (who the f knows his real name) could not help me, (he told me to dial *611 to speak to someone who could) I called CS who let me rant the light fantastic with my story about how they are screwing me over just in order to change a plan for me. WHY should I have to get a new account #? I have had many changes (plans more than once and new phone more than once) and it's never changed before, and now I am potentially missing out on deals like this anniversary one since it only automatically sends out these deals to qualifying people as I have been told in the past.

The ironic thing too is that I was standing in once place talking to this dude and had finished the rant and he was starting to talk (also going into the defensive) when the cell service cut out! How nice.

I am starting to think I want to change phone providers....nobody could be worse than this??? If they lose me, they are losing a very loyal customer, and they can then cry (like I was practically doing on the phone I was so upset) while I pay my $45/mo to someone else.

I feel like their service has gone downhill and the CSR's always seem to be on the defensive...I wonder why! LMAO

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