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DirecTV's broken website

Some programming genius broke the DirecTV website a few months ago. After 12 noon you can no longer pick the current day as an option for ordering pay-per-view movies.

Instead of fixing they have at least been comping the phone ordering "service" fee (which is an astounding five dollars).

Tonight they refused to even do that. Plus I got a sucky service center worker who must have been watching TV or listening to an iPod instead of what I was saying. I had to repeat myself constantly and when I asked her to repeat "didyouwanttopaythefivedollarservicefeetoday?" to make sure she was really saying it cost five dollars for her to press a button there was dead air for a while then "sir? did you hear what I said?".


No, I do not want to pay an extra $5 to order a $4 pay-per-view movie that I should be able to order for free from your website.

No, putting me into the automated phone system where the charge is "only" $1.50 is not a viable alternative.

No, when I say "I will not order the movie if you will not waive the service fee" is not me authorizing you to charge me the service fee! wtf?! Don't even try "whisper" mode on me, either. When you whisper it is clear you are trying to get me to agree to service fees. The answer is not just "no", but "hell, no".

It was like talking to the cable company.

This is the second time in one week I've had sucky customer service from DirecTV. This is a complete turn-around from the previous five years of excellent service.

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