Ju Ju Bee (julieannie) wrote in bad_service,
Ju Ju Bee

Not again!

We have a problem with the mail on my street. We've seen the mail person start delivering at 7pm and had mix ups of all kinds.

This mail carrier of ours has been here since at least August. She hates driving packages to our door even though our house is not a haul up a driveway. We've talked to her about this as we run a business from the home and can't risk mail falling out of the mailbox. We called the USPS and they claim it will be fixed but it never is.

Recently, I placed an order for 16 paperback books on e-Bay. At the same time, my brother and I are having schoolbooks mailed to us and our normal stack of bills from 2 businesses and the household dealings for 4 adults are being sent.

It just so happens today all my books arrive and 5 schoolbooks do too. What does the mail person do? Stuff as many as she can in our mailbox. She uses rubberbands to attach them to the side and bottom. I scream and turn around to the house to grab my camera to document it. As I do, I see a USPS crate on my neighbor's front porch. I go over there and chat with my neighbor, out taking down Christmas decorations. How many pieces of mail are in her basket? 6 papers and 1 small package. I went back out and took pictures of my mailbox and then unwrapped my books. One of my schoolbooks has damage and for a $127 book, I can't have that kind of damage and expect to sell it back. All the photos of my book conditions have been taken and I plan on developing them ASAP and having a chat with my mail carrier's supervisors.

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