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" material girl "

There is a Starbucks about 2-3 blocks away from my work place. Extremely convenient for me since I am the coffee fiend. I'm a regular there but you can never give me the same drink twice in a row because I like to try everything under the sun (irrelevant to the story but whatever).

Anyway, about a few days ago I go to to get a regular coffee. Usually you would have to wait at the end of the counter to pick up your drink but since it's just a plain coffee you can pick it up while you're at the register.

The girl gives me the total, I give her my card, she turns around to get the drink. At the same time she's getting the drink she's chatting non-stop to her co-worker about how she got a minor burn on her leg the other night because another co-worker spilled some coffee on the floor and it splashed on her leg.

It takes all but one minute to get a regular coffee. This act took her about 5 minutes. Once she was done, she turned around (still chatting to her co-worker) and hands me the drink. When I go to grab it from her also, the lid falls off and splashes half the cup of coffee all over my hand and arm.

What does she do?

Looks at me in a panic, looks at her co-worker and runs to the back of their working area where all the cups, etc. are kept.

No, "sorry". No, "are you okay?". No, "let me get some towels for you".

She was EXTREMELY lucky that I have little feeling towards any hot items when I come in contact with them due to me working with my mom in a kitchen practically all my life and dealing with oil splashes and handling hot pans, etc.

The co-worker instead takes over and says, "Oh my God - I'm real sorry for that." He then goes to grab me one of the clean towels and hands it to me.

I just tell him all is fine. I just don't appreciate the guilty party leaving when a customer is obviously upset.

What does he say then?

"I hope you don't sue us for this because you're totally like fine and everything."

That pissed me off. I understand that would be in the mind of any person who does something wrong to a customer but you don't say it out loud! I wasn't planning on suing in the first place.

So to scare the hell out of him I just say, "Who said I was fine? She spilled coffee on me. HOT coffee. I'm talking normally but that doesn't mean I'm fine. Who knows, my hands and arms may come out scarred tomorrow."

Him: Er. Oh. Uhm, I'm sorry. The coffee is on us and please take this gift card for your suffering.

Whatever. I accept it. I move on. I go back to work and rinse off my hand and arm with cold water and relieve it with some ice. I'm fine. I have no scarring or anything. I just wish they didn't act like idiots.


(edit): I will be bringing this to the attention of their manager. I also have a witness to support me. I just haven't been able to deal with the situation yet. I've also written a formal complaint so we'll see what happens.
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