Elizabeth Ashbury (x_lysistrata_x) wrote in bad_service,
Elizabeth Ashbury

Remember my previous post about Whataburger? They did it again. I went there this morning to get some breakfast taquitos, fries and drinks for my fiance and myself. Our order was pretty simple; four taquitos with bacon and cheese (and eggs of course), two LARGE orders of fries, two large Dr. Peppers. The guy repeated it back to me correctly and gave the total. I paid him at the first window and picked up my order at the the second.

They remembered my drinks this time and I had hoped they remembered everything else. I pulled away from the window and checked my order. Sure enough, one order of fries was missing. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but we're lucky we can get any kind of take out at all with our budget (so this is a treat for us) and besides, I'm not just ordering for me so they are screwing over more than one person when they do this.

I decided to just go inside. I got in line and waited like everyone else (I work in a coffee shop that has a DT, <2 guesses which one!> so I don't like when people indoors skip ahead of the line to ask questions). A lady who wasn't helping the line asked me what was wrong, I politely told her that I paid for two orders of fries but only got one. She brought me back a SMALL order. She didn't look at my ticket, which I had in plain view and ready to show as proof or ask which size I needed. I didn't bother going back again. Seriously, I was sick of dealing with them and was afraid if I went back again, they would fuck with my food.

I know it can get hectic, believe me, I work in a similar environment but with people who *have to* have their caffeine fix and need it yesterday. That's no excuse for not ensuring accuracy of an order. Next time I'm just going inside. Also, I still have the phone number, though I don't even think it's worth the trouble to call them. Again, not the worst that has ever happened to me, but still very annoying. I've never had a problem with this place until recently.

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