Carol Lynn (home_grown_cl) wrote in bad_service,
Carol Lynn

This is definitely more of a WTF? than bad service, but it definitely made me laugh. I'm a season ticket holder for the Florida Panthers hockey team. I'm used to having my purse checked every game, so I'm ready for it. I have it open and my wallet out so they can see inside. The other night we were going through the line, get up to the front, guy checks my purse, then says, "Oh wait, can you lift your hat up so I can see under it?". Okay, first of all, both my husband and I had on baggy shorts with huge pockets and hockey jerseys that you could probably hide 50 lbs of explosives under. No frisking or pocket checking, but you want to look under my hat? I might even still have been able to understand it, but I was wearing a fucking visor! I was so confused at first. I look at him, I lift the hat up, then put it back down and kind of pat my hair...very bizarre.
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