Bananakin Skywalker (hicat) wrote in bad_service,
Bananakin Skywalker

ADV Films and FedEx, continued! Now with more FedEx!

As listed in post before this one, I had a problem with FedEx and ADV Films. The first post focussed on ADV. This one is shorter, and focuses on FedEx.

Out of annoyance, I call them. Lady answers the phone, I explain my situation, she goes "Oh. Well, if our drivers can't find it, we ship it back."

I go "Well, they've found it before. We're a legitimate address."

She goes "Well, you got a problem then, huh?"

And I expect maybe that such an annoying question is going to be followed up with "Well, here's what I can do.." or maybe "But we can work with this.." or something similarily helpful. So I don't say anything, in hopes that that was not the end. But she doesn't say anything. And I go "Okay, then what can I do?"

She goes "I really don't know." Click. She hangs UP on me. I'm like "Muh!?" And then I remember that the_dark_snack had been having all kinds of trouble with Indianapolis FedEx people, too.. So I send off an email.

Sadly, I don't have the email verbatim, like I have the ADV ones. But more or less, it said that I had a compound problem- Not only was the lady I spoke to rude and annoying, but we have prolonged problems with FedEx not being able to find our house fifty percent of the time when we have to use them to ship something. At the end of the email, I included a link to and a screenshot of our house, via satelite picture from google maps. I haven't heard anything since.

Seriously. If mapquest, google maps, yahoo maps and all of the others can find my house, why can't SOME FedEx drivers!? Do we have like one smart FedEx driver and a bunch of morons or something!? Grawr.

Anyway, I haven't had a response to the email yet. I just thought I'd toss this in, too, since it's been an obnoxious thing from all sides and aspects...
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