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ADV Films and FedEx

Okay, so every major holiday, has a kick butt clearance sale. I decided, on their Halloween clearance, that my life had gone too long without seeing/owning Kaleido Star, so I ordered volumes 1,2,4 and 5 from them. After shipping, it came up to $34, which made me very, very happy. I did a "yay! cheap anime!" dance and waited for my package.

Now, the sale warns you that it CAN take 4-6 weeks. I was prepared for this. About a week into this 4-6 week wait, my first friend gets her package. Then in the second week, everyone else gets theirs. And I'm stuck without a package. Oh well, thinks I, I just didn't luck out in fast shipping. Maybe everyone and their brother ordered it, after all!

Four weeks go by. I give up and email them on November 28th. The email is as such:

Subject: Re: ADV Website Order # 25750

Hello! I'm writing because I have not received this
order yet, and it's now been over a month since I
placed it! I know that sometimes you guys take up to
six weeks to fill an order on these clearance sales,
but I just wanted to make sure that everything was
okay, since you've billed me and taken money out of my
bank account and I don't have a product yet.

If there is a way to track an order, please let me
know! If there isn't such a thing, please consider
making there be one. I'm sure it would cut back on a
lot of emails like this.


As said in there, I had been billed a while back- On October 31st. Anyway, this is the ONLY reply that I received:

Subject: RE: ADV Website Order # 25750
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 10:14:07 -0600
From: "Customer Service Inbox" <>
To: "Elka" <>


This is on it's way back to us, FedEx is saying that the address was
incorrect. Please verify your address for us so we may reship this when
it arrives.

Thank you,

ADV Customer Service

I was pretty darned stoked that they replied that quickly, really. So I send them back an email. It said this:

Subject: RE: ADV Website Order # 25750
To: "Customer Service Inbox" <>

Ooooookay then. FedEx is being a jerk again. The
address listed in this very email, the one that is on
my shipping AND billing, is correct. In case it cut it
off, my address is

Elka's Address
Indianapolis, IN

Seriously, it's a 50-50 chance with us and FedEx, it
seems. They like to go to My Street instead of My
Place. Oh, they drive me mad! I wouldn't be upset
about it, but we've had things delivered with FedEx to
this house before, so it's not like they've never been
here. Ugh.

Thank you, kind ADV People! I know this is not your
fault, but that of FedEx's!


At this point, I thought, "yay!! Kaleido Star will be mine soon!!" Before sending that email, I checked for a phone number. I tried to call the phone number that I found, only to continually get sent to a voicemail. So I decided to send them an email. I haven't been replied to since then. The other emails I've sent:
Subject: RE: ADV Website Order # 25750

Hi! I'm emailing again because it's been ten days
since I last contacted you, and I still don't have a
package with delicious Kaleido Star inside of it. So,
uh, what's the dealio these days? I'm not mad anymore-
Especially if it's FedEx's fault.

However, if the package has come back/is coming back
to you a second time, I would like to have my money
back. While it was a nice price, it's not worth having
to wait over a month for when it was in stock and the
like. You guys have been swell! I think for this round
I'll just buy the thinpack from someone else and next
time, ship to my parents' house or a friend's house,
if I hit up one of your clearance sales. Thank you!

Hello. It is now the wee hours of December 21st, 20
days after your first and only email back to me. In
that time, I have sent two emails, one with my address
confirmed, and then one asking about the hold up, and
requesting a refund if no one could get FedEx to
figure out how to get to my house.

That last email was sent seven days ago, and I am
waiting for some kind of response. I really don't want
the DVDs anymore- It's been almost two months now, and
I've kinda lost interest and excitement about them
coming. So, can I please have my $34 back?

Thank you,

And then, I tried to call them again. After wasting many minutes on my phone, thinking that it's just busy, I get a hold of someone in production after hitting 0. Well, I did in fact waste my minutes. Their phone system's fucked up, and has been for the last month. You know, I would think that they would try to take care of that within the first week of it being messed up, since this is a line that people use to call in orders.. He says he'll pass it on, but he really has nothing to do with customer service. I had no beef with that man, he was nice and at least let me know why the hell it always went to voicemail. So then, yesterday, I sent this.

Your inquiry has been received. Here is what you sent:


Hi! I'm emailing you yet AGAIN to ask for my money back. I've been
calling and writing for about six weeks now, and I'm getting really tired
of it. I understand that your phone system's having issues, but that's
no excuse as to why none of my emails after I asked for a refund have
been answered.

My order number is 25750. It was Kaleido Star 1,2,4 and 5. After
shipping and handling it was $34. I want that $34 back, please.

I know that originally it was not your fault, but FedEx's, but this
prolonged lack of response would in fact fall on your shoulders. I have
paid for an item I apparently cannot receive, and would like to be
refunded, since I'm never going to see my DVDs.

(and if you were curious, I did email FedEx after talking to very very
rude people on the phone. I forwarded them my house as on Google Maps,
with the satelite picture proving that I exist... They never responded,
haha. I think they don't believe me. Oh well. I'll just have to not use
FedEx at this house, or something..)


Oops, this turned into an ADV bash instead of an ADV/FexEx bash. Well, here, I'll make another post about FedEx, since this one's long enough on it's own.

Anyway, now I'm waiting AGAIN.. I'm expecting to get an email saying "You have to call us" or something, really..

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