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Two stories from CD Plus.

This isn't too recent of a story, about half a year ago, I remembered it when reading through other people's stories.

Me: 16 (at the time), a sickie-poo, trying to make things polite yet quick so I can go home.
C1: Cashier #1, the guy who rang up my CD.
C2: Cashier #2, the spare cashier who decides to be a prick.

Anyhoo, I went to CD Plus in the mall in the city I live near. I'm wearing a black hoodie with the hood up (so my head didn't get too cold) and blue jeans. No makeup, and my head's stuffed up so I don't have the world's most cheerful expression.
I grab the Queen of the Damned Soundtrack for my sister's Birthday and go to one of the two cashiers.

C1: Hello. *takes the CD and rings it up.*
Me: *Sniff* Hey.
C2: *Looks me up and down and smirks*
C1: *Typing up my purchase*
C2: Hey, C1, why do people dress up in black and wear their hoods up? Do they think they're original or something? I've noticed all of them are depressed wannabes.
Me: *Looks at him and narrows eyes*
C1: *Turns to me* Sorry about him.
Me: *Sniff* It's okay. *takes my bag and leaves, sniffing still*

I've noticed that C2 doesn't work there anymore...and C1 is a Manager. Haw haw.

This CD Plus was in Winnipeg, MB when my Fine Arts Class was taking a field trip and we were allowed to go shopping before having supper and going back home.

Me: Just turned 17, dressed pretty punkish/gothy/whathaveyou.
Kris: My best friend Kristen, also dressed punky.
BC: Bitchy Cashier.

Kris: *Brings up some Placebo and The Cure CDs*
Me: *Bring up The Dresden Dolls and Cradle of Filth*
BC: Togethor?
Kris: Yep.
Me: *Points at BC's Jack Skellington shirt* Hey, cool. I like your shirt.
BC: *Looks up at me and gives me a disgusted look*
Me: ...*blinks, thinking maybe she didn't hear me* I said I like your-
BC: I heard you.
Me:...Well. You're welcome.
BC: *Gives me another disgusted look and shoves our bags at us*
Kris:...Have a nice day.
BC: Whatever.

It seems like no matter which CD Plus I go to, I always get bad service. I'd stick with HMV, but they're expensive.


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