Lost in apathy (metis2be) wrote in bad_service,
Lost in apathy

Bad service at Target.

I wanted to get a game for a party my sister was throwing, so I checked the target website before heading out, and assured that they carry it, I stopped by. Went to the game section and I couldn’t find it, so I went to the customer service desk and asked if they had it in stock.

Me: Do you carry the game Chez Geek?
Lady1: We can’t look that up without the item’s number.
Me: …? Can you check by name?
Lady1: No, only by the item’s number. Check the website on the computer to the side of the desk, it should have a code for your item.

I check the computer, copy down the number into my cell phone, and head back to the desk.

Me: *Explains situation to Lady2, and reads her off code*
Lady2: That code is invalid. The codes are only supposed to have 9 digits, that one has 10.
Me: Huh? I just got it off the website. *Hands her phone*
Lady2: Well not all products on the website are in the store, check the website to make sure it’s sold in stores.

I check the website and am unable to find where it says that.

Me: *Explains situation again* I couldn’t find where it says that on the website, can you help me?
Lady3: No, I don’t know the website very well.
Me: … Well, can you get Lady2?
Lady3: No, she’s busy with something else.
Me: *leaves*

I understand where they’re coming from since I work retail, but I felt like I was just getting the run-around by having to talk to three different people, none of which would actually come and help me despite me asking. I’m still gameless, but I found a local privately owned store that should have it, if only I could wake up for normal business hours.
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