She's Dangerous (wbatpoaginar) wrote in bad_service,
She's Dangerous

The Craving: One chicken burrito, larger than my face.
The Setting: Qdoba Mexican Grill

For those who haven't been to a Qdoba or a Chipolte, think Mexican Subway. You follow the employee down the line and tell them what you want in your burrito.

The Players:
EMP: Employee
MGR: Manager
Me: Burrito lover by day, superhero by night.

Me: I'd like a chicken burrito please!
EMP: To go?
Me: Actually, for here please.
EMP: Pinto or black beans?
Me: Pinto please!
EMP: Salsa?
Me: No salsa, just cheese and sour cream.
EMP: *wraps up burrito*
EMP: To go?
Me: No, for here please.
EMP *sets burrito in basket*
MGR: *starts to ring me out, grabs my burrito*
MGR: To go? *starts to put burrito in a bag*
Me: No, for here.
MGR: *swipes my debit card, hands me receipts*
MGR* *grabs my burrito again and starts to bag it*
MGR: To go, right?
Me: *sigh* No. For Here.

I mean seriously. I don't know if it's because I was dining alone, or because they wanted to get rid of me, but I was not trying to eat a burrito bigger than my face in the car, and I wasn't heading home anytime soon. I swear, the next person that said to go was going to get a 5 pound burrito thrown at them. I could have just taken the bag, but the damn things are messy so the bowl is helpful for eating fallen ingredients with a fork.

Do'h. Not the worst, but definitely a little irritating.
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