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Wright State University: only a bureaucracy would do this

16 years ago I withdrew from my classes at Wright State after obtaining a day job (and thus being unsure of when I would be able to attend classes).

For some reason, while Wright State processed the withdraw, they also seem to think I kept a class, but didn't pay for it (supposedly impossible under their "no pay == automatic drop" policy).

So for 16 years they keep accusing me of owing them $360 and I keep telling them the mistake they made and asking them to prove I owe them money. They have never once responded to my requests for documentation of their claim.

Multiple "debt collection" agencies later, and even a tour of the state of Ohio AG office (to which I submitted a complaint about Wright State a decade ago on this matter and they tried to use last year) and they are still at it: another "debt collection" agency letter arrived today. ::dusts off standard reply and mails it return receipt:: Once I tell these agencies to ask for documentation from Wright State I never hear from them again.

Another 16 years and I met get annoyed at Wright State.

I keep sending them bills for my accounting and review time, so far they "owe" me several thousand dollars that they "refuse" to pay.

Two can play that game. :P

Once they made the mistake of calling it an "unpaid student loan". I asked them to send me a letter using that term on Wright State letterhead. They refused, of course. Boy that would have been big $$$$$ after a libel lawsuit.

You have to wonder how pathetic a bureaucrat you have to be to not notice this trend, not notice the lack of evidence and (one would think after 16 years) not being the person responsible for the original mistake you'd perform a sanity check and say "oops, our bad".

Bureaucracies, however, are unable to admit error.
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