Living a Life of Chaos (kitashla) wrote in bad_service,
Living a Life of Chaos

Suntrust Revisited

As a follow up to this post:

While the company itself has not redeemed itself in my eyes, my branch has. Once we put the account in the positive, we were able to run my payroll checks through again. On top of that, they also refunded a very hefty amount of fees that they did not have to do at all.

Unfortunatly, one of Suntrust's "features" is that if you go in the negative for over a week the put a block on your check card. (Makes logical sense to me.) Didn't know this. I just knew my card continued to be denied. Strangely enough, the husband's card wasn't though. I eventually stopped using his card and called Suntrust. Explained the situation to the "helpful" phone guy.

He told me card was blocked. I understood that. He told me I'd have to go back into the branch and get it unblocked. Okay, I can handle that. A big of a pain, but I can do it. But I had to ask the guy why my husband's card was working when mine wasn't. I mean the money all comes out of the same account. The fellow told me that my husband must have gone back into the bank to get his block removed.

I assured the guy that this was impossible as I handle all of the banking and my husband hasn't had time to go all the way into the bank in weeks and weeks. (Bank is in the complete opposite direction of his work.) Phone Man insisted to me that he HAD to have gone in and he just didn't tell me. I told him it wasn't possible. Phone Man implied that he sneakily must have done it behind my back.

I ended the conversation at that point.

Went into the bank today to get the block taken off. Talked to our friendly teller manager. Turns out there is no such thing as removing the block from my account. Turns out that the bank completely cancels that particular card and a new one must be ordered. That's not that big of a deal (except I'll have to memorize another 16 digits) but I'm curious as to what sort of crap Phone Man was spouting to me.

On top of that, I was right and my husband did NOT go in and have his "block" taken off. (Something that would have been impossible to do seeing as how there was no BLOCK.) Turns out that when he went in to put his name on the account a couple of weeks after I opened it years ago (told you he was busy) they entered his information under a different number in the same account. So, they only canceled the cards on the first part of the account, not the second.

Score 1 for My Branch
-2 so far for Suntrust phone service.

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