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Best Buy Sucks

I went into Best Buy to purchase a new TV. I was looking at between a Sharp, JVC, and a Maganavox. I found someone to help me and proceeded to ask some questions (Which is better, does it come with appropriate jacks, etc). I asked what JVC stood for and got the "I don't know" answer. Then I asked what the original price of the Sharp TV was since he said it was "on sale". Again with "I don't know".

I was then waving between the JVC and Maganavox and he proceeded to give me the service plan speech (for 59.99 you get 4 years of service, replacement etc). I couldn't make up my mind right then so I walked around a bit, looked a little more then came back and decided on the Maganavox.

Me: "I'll take this one."
Clerk: (Heavy Sigh) "We don't have any more."
Me: "?!?!!?"

So you mean to tell me I sat there for a good 20 minutes and all the while you knew you were out of stock on a model I was looking at?! So I asked him. "Couldn't you put a sign or something stating out of stock so customers won't waste their time looking at it?" He said, "No. That's why you can order it."

I don't wanna order it, I wanted to pick up and take home same day. That's what you DO in a store right? So I was like "Forget it" and we left. I had a DVD set in my hand I was gonna buy but I put it down and bought it at another store.

(I late found the TV I wanted (ended with Sony) at another store, and got it with no problem. Even had the sign read one price, 1 salesman quote a price ($50 cheaper) and had the 2nd one tell me it was $20 below that, on sale). First Circuit City (whole other story - brother bought a TV, it broke after the warranty expired (figures) and then had them say they couldn't fix their own TV (the manufacturer) - its still not fixed and we kinda wrote them off after that. Now Best Buy leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
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