Ju Ju Bee (julieannie) wrote in bad_service,
Ju Ju Bee

Land of W

So I am a former employee of Wal-Mart. I used to work in jewelry, left to go to college. Today I decide to pick up some basic earring studs, nothing fancy. I walk by the department, double check to see they have what I want in stock and finish my shopping in the hopes that the cashier will check out all of my purchases (our policy was 10 items or less you always offer, but do all purchases upon request). I head back to the department ready to check out.

Me: 20 year old girl
WW: Wal-Mart Woman
G1: Customer w/ wife, in his 30s
G2: younger than Guy 1 but older than me

I stand by the case, ready to have the associate come over and get the item out. She's on the other side of the L-shaped counter so I wait until she has a chance to close the case and come over. I wait and wait. I get annoyed. G1 walks over and begins looking. WW looks up and ignores me. The phone rings so she closes the case and answers it. I raise my hand up to say I need service as she goes to answer it. She finishes the call and goes back to the watch case. At this point I'm ticked. G1 is ready to check out and he's watching in confusion. Finally I walk over to WW

Me: Could you get some earrings out of the case for me?
WW: Can't you see I'm busy!?
Me: *stunned*

I walk back to the earring very ticked and G2 walks up. WW immediately helps him, changing a watch battery. Then she walks over to G1, ignoring me who is right next to him. He says I was there first and we exchange glances wondering what this lady's deal is. When I ask if she can ring out my s'more ingredients with my earrings, she says it's against W-M policy, which is a lie because I do it often. I decide not to argue and head straight for the CSM podium and discuss it with them and management. I let them know that not only did she refuse me service twice but I was ticked and wanted them to say something to her. Whether they did or not, I do not know. But I was not happy to leave W-M 20 minutes later than I had planned.
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