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Bell Mobility

I had a 2 year contract for a cell phone with Bell Mobility. I recieved a letter in the mail in the first week of December, saying that my contract was expiring at the end of the month. It stated that if I didn't call before it expired, they'd carry on the service on a month-to-month basis until I called saying I wasn't going to continue my contract.

The letter didn't give a deadline to call, just stated that if I wanted the contract to not be carried over, to call before it expires. So I call a week or so later, and this ensues:

CSI: Customer Service Idiot
Me: Hola!

Me: Hi there! I recieved a letter stating my contract was expiring end of this month, and to call if I'm not continuing service with Bell before it expired.

CSI: WHY do you not like Bell? What did we do?

Me: Oh, no, it's not a problem with Bell or anything and I'll definitely still use Bell in the future, I just really wanted a Motorola Razr phone for right now, and Bell doesn't provide service to this phone so I had to switch to Rogers for service.

CSI: Oooooh. Okay. Well, we require 30 days notice for cancelling of a contract, so you'll still have service and be billed until January 27th.

Me: I'm not cancelling a contract, my contract expires end of December. I'm just calling to make sure that service ends on the expiration date as I don't want to carry service over.

CSI: No, your contract expired end of OCTOBER, you're on a month to month basis.

Me: .. I have a letter, right here in my hands, saying it expires end of December.

CSI: Well sorry, we require 30 days notice to cancel a contract.

Me: I'm NOT cancelling a contract, it's expiring on it's own! The letter does not say give 30 days notice to cancel, and even if it DID say it, it didn't even arrive 30 days before the expiration of the contract.

CSI: It doesn't matter miss, it's a rule that you need to give us 30 days notice before you can cancel out of a contract.

Me: I'm not cancelling my contract, the contract is over on it's own, there's nothing to cancel. Can I speak to someone else, please?

CSI: You can talk to my manager, but I guarantee you that he'll also tell you that in order to cancel your contract early you're going to need to give 30 days notice, so you'll still have to be billed for January.

Me: *headdesk and hangs up*

I'm pretty aggravated right now. No matter what I said, that guy did not seem to understand that I wasn't trying to get out of a contract early. I've written an email to customer service for Bell instead, explaining the situation. I've had a few problems with their telephone reps before, but all in all I've been pretty happy with the service until now, but that entire situation was just so aggravating. I hate confrontation, so I was trying to be polite as I could, but come onnn.

I was planning on using Bell for pager and blackberry service, but it's really depending on how this is handled.

(And by the way, I highly recommend Motorola Razrs, this phone rocks) :)
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