She's Dangerous (wbatpoaginar) wrote in bad_service,
She's Dangerous

Two instances of bad_service that left me seething.

The first was on December 26th.

I had a friend from Austrailia visiting over the Christmas holidays. He had already been in the states for about 3 weeks by the time he had gotten to me, and in that time he had fallen absolutely in love with buffalo wings. They don't have buffalo sauce in Austrailia, so I decided I'd take him for wings at least once before I sent him on his way to Flordia.

Since I bought him hockey tickets for the 26th, and our hockey arena is downtown, I asked one of my cousins for a recommendation for wings. He suggested Key West Cafe located in St. Louis Union Station. Since we could park once, go to Union Station, and walk to the game from there, that's where we decided to go. Big mistake.

Now, this place is pretty small. You walk in, there are tables to your left, tables to your right, and the bar is in front of you. You can see the entire place no matter where you are sitting, save for the kitchen, located behind the bar. There was only one server, doubling as the bartender. She came, took our drink orders, and since we knew we wanted wings, we went ahead and ordered them.

5 minutes or so later, another patron came in and sat at the bar, ordering a pitcher of beer. Josh (the Aussie) and I are talking, when that same patron walks over and stands at our table.

I: Idiot
Me: Me
AJ: Aussie Josh

I: I don't recgonize you. I recgonize everyone that comes in here.
Me: Well *laugh* part of that is probably because he's from Austrailia.
AJ: *says something I don't remember in adorable aussie accent*

Then we both come to the same realization. This guy is heavily intoxicated. HEAVILY intoxicated. He mimiced Josh's accent, walked back to the bar, then would come to our table every 5 minutes or so murmering incoherently. He asked about my shirt which said *LIFT*, (the title of a Sister Hazel album), followed by extremely inappropriate comments about my breasts. All the while we are literally staring down the bartender/server, who kept shrugging.

Later, when our wings came, this drunk idiot put some money in the jukebox, and proceeded to belt out every song he had played at the top of his lungs, while wandering around the place drinking straight from his pitcher. At this point one of the kitchen people came out and started screaming at him, telling him to sit down and drink his beer or he'd have to leave. This worked for about .3 seconds, and the only thing that was ever done was more yelling.

He came back to our table for about the 15th time, at which point I stood up and said "You need to leave. us. alone." This just made it worse, and as more people began to filter in, he became more obnoxious and more hostile towards other patrons.

When our server came back, I requested to speak to a manager, and was told that the owner was the same cook that yelled at this man without doing anything further. I could tell that the owner was pretty familiar with this clown, so I knew that it would be worthless to even try. She gave us our bill, and halfheartedly appologized ("sorry about the entertainment" was exactly what she said) and we grudgingly paid. If I were even slightly less ethical than I am, I would have walked out. The food and service were bad enough, but being HARRASSED ruined any chances of salvaging the meal.

I will not only never go there again, I will advise anyyone I know to steer clear as well. This all could have been avoided by simply refusing to serve this man.

The second was December 29th.

Aussie Josh and I headed up to Chicago to see Sister Hazel at the House of Blues. Many of our friends from all over the country were traveling up for this show. We decided to get a group reservation at the House of Blues restaraunt, as if you dine in the restaraunt and spend X amount of dollars, you get to "pass the line" - that is, you enter before the people waiting in the outside line.

We made a reservation for 20, and ended up being 18 or so in final numbers. We had one server (when I was a server groups of 15+ were automatically assigned two) and the one server we had was a complete dolt.

He took our drink orders - I started with a water. When drinks came out 15 minutes later, I had no water, and Josh's vodka/lime/soda was missing lime, which, if you know anything about soda water, you know that without lime, it tastes like shit. Unfortunatly, our server ran off so fast after deliving drinks, neither one of us could say anything. When he came back around to take dinner orders, I requested a water and Josh requested his lime. He came back out with my water. No lime for Josh, who's undrinkable drink was still sitting there, full.

One of the other people in the group remembered that he owed me a drink, and insisted on going to the bar to get it since it would be faster. I tried a "Southern Halo" which was extremely yummy. So much so, that instead of a beer, Rich ordered one, as did two of the girls sitting next to him. When those drinks finally arrived, 20 minutes later, they were not the same color as mine, and upon tasting them, they were not at all the same thing. I told the server this and he argued "They ordered the Southern Hurricane". I pointed to my Southern Halo and said they ordered the same thing I have, which is the Southern Halo. He continued to *argue* with us, before dissapearing, so the three people stuck with the wrong drinks decided to just drink them. When my Halo got empty, I ordered a second, and ended up with a Hurricane as well. I hate hurricanes. I think they suck. I drank it anyway as our server did not seem remotely concerned with fetching me the correct drink.

Shortly thereafter dinner came out. My sides of ranch (I like ranch with my fries) was missing, not to mention complaints of other missing things up and down the table. At this point, Rich's beer had been empty for almost 10 minutes. Josh went to the bar to get his lime, and asked for extra as he figured he'd probably need them for any subsequent drinks he ordered.

I never got my ranch dressing, despite having asked several times, and my food getting cold while waiting for it. Josh only had lime in his drinks because he brought extra from the bar. I only ever had one Southern Halo, because despite several people telling him several times, he had it stuck in his brain that we were ordering Southern Hurricanes. We all started ordering drinks two at at a time because they were taking so long.

Unfortunatly I have no idea if this guy was left a decent tip, or if management was spoken to, as I was in the bathroom when the check came/was taken care of (there was a *long* bathroom line). However, boo to the House of Blues for only putting one server on our party, and furthermore making sure it was the most incompetent server they had.
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