becca (starph1sh) wrote in bad_service,

my birthday is in late october, and my husband got me this watch from we've ordered from them before and been pleased with our purchases. i LOVED that watch, so i was excited.

i get it and it's gorgeous. i wear it nearly every day. fast forward to mid december. i'm christmas shopping and out of nowhere the watch band breaks and falls off my wrist. the band had broken in not one, but two places (it came unsoldered in three different places, 2 links were broken.) since i'm at the mall i take it to three different jewelry/watch stores that do repairs. they all tell me it is not fixable. so in two months my watch fell apart and is useless.

i contact overstock and the rep was really nice. she tells me i'm over my return/exchange time for overstock but that the watch has a limited lifetime warantee through the manufacturer, and gives me their phone number. i call them and nobody answers, there is the typical "dial extension one for customer service, dial two fred smith, etc."

i dial up customer service and again, nobody answers (i am calling during normal business hours on a week day) the voicemail on customer service simply states "message 31 not recorded... *beep*" meaning that nobody has ever recorded a message saying something like "you have reached lucien piccard's customer service dept blah blah blah" this is a bad sign.

i leave a message clearly stating the problem and my contact info. it's been weeks and no return phone call. i've called back and nobody has ever answered the customer service line.

i don't want a new lucien piccard watch, the quality is obviously lacking. what i really want is my money back, but my money went to overstock, not directly to lucien piccard.

anyone have any other ideas? i tried googling their brand name but they don't appear to have a website.

anyway, lesson learned. never again will i buy a watch by a brand i've never heard of! i went and got a lovely skagen watch from dillards. stupid LP.
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