Jesi Rose (jesirose) wrote in bad_service,
Jesi Rose

Not horrendous, but annoying.

I took my kitten to the vet on Wednesday to have his checkup and boosters. While there, everything was fantastic. They said they'd call me on Thursday after 10am. No call. It's Saturday.
I call them, and ask for my kitties test results. Get put on hold, wait wait wait, and the receptionist comes on and asks "Can I have your phone number, the Doctor will call you right back."
me: ###,
Her: I just need your phone number.
Me: ...I'm giving it to you!
Her: Good!
Me: ###.###.####.
Her: *click*

They called back later and he's fine, that was just WEIRD.

I can't, for the life of me, figure out what she thought I was saying the numbers for, if not giving her my number! Gah. I wish they'd just called when they said they would.
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