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T-Mobile Screwed Me

Back in July I was having trouble with my cell phone. I called T-Mobile with a few questions, mainly trying to find out if I should bother getting it fixed or just put up with it because I was considering getting a new phone when my contract was up anyway. After a somewhat long conversation with a very helpful woman, I decided to just put up with the problem and get a new phone in a little over a month. The woman then talked me into getting my broken phone replaced anyway, since it would be at no cost to me, and then I wouldn't have to put up with it being sometimes-broken, and I'd have a "back-up." Okay, whatever, I agreed. A few days later, the replacement phone (duplicate of my broken phone, only not broken) arrived in the mail and I followed the directions to the letter and sent back my broken phone the next day. A few months later I replaced that phone with a newer phone of a different model that can sync with my computer.

Then in November I had a $150 charge on my bill. I called T-Mobile and they said it was a "re-stocking fee" for the broken phone I never returned. I explained that I HAD returned it, and was told that they would put in an order to see if it was in their stock and simply hadn't been entered into the computer. I called them again a few days later; they still hadn't found the missing phone. Long story short (because I spoke with them several times over a period of days): I ask them what I can do to fix this problem, and they say I have to pay the fee or return the phone, period. I offer to return the replacement phone, since I'm not using it anyway, and they refuse. The only thing that will remove this $150 fee from my bill is THAT phone. Never mind the fact that they paid all the shipping for the transfer of phones and I couldn't have insured it if I'd wanted to, never mind the fact that that particular phone wasn't working right anyway, never mind the fact that I only paid $40 for it in the first place and it's currently being offered free to new customers, and never mind the fact that I'd been using it for nearly a year and it was rather dinged up and not in any way re-sellable, and never mind the fact that I have an IDENTICAL phone that I am perfectly willing to send them in place of the one that got lost: now suddenly that phone is somehow worth $150.

What really sucks is that, after throwing a little tantrum in my kitchen after my last conversation with them, I realized that I have no choice; I have to pay it. My business relies on me being able to be reached at all times. If I refuse to pay the bill, T-Mobile will cut off my service and say I'm in breach of my contract, and I will be unable to get new service with another company because of the problem I've had with T-Mobile. The best I can do is finish out my one-year contract with them and then switch to someone else, but I know they'll all just screw me over one way or another.
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