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What did I do wrong?

I was going to use a graphics program to more clearly illustrate what happened, but I will just recreate it here.
Menu is as follows

Personal Pizzas..............8"

Extras-50 Cents per extra
Extra Cheese
(imagine the normal ingredients)

Side Items
Side of Pasta (Plain).............2.99
Side of Pasta with meat sauce..........3.50
Side of Pasta with Alfredo Sauce...3.95
Sausage (2)........................XXX
Meatballs (2).......................XXX

I ordered an 8" cheese personal pizza with extra cheese and a side of pasta with alfredo sauce (angelhair noodles).
Now is that a difficult order? That was the setup of the menu (except obviously I left out some items and prices)

The restaurant is not too busy and a long time passes. Finally a girl walks up with the most confused look on her face ever. She says to me
"You ordered fries, right?"
I said no...that I ordered a side of pasta with alfredo sauce to go along with my entree of the cheese pizza. I stated this clearly. Then I tell her I want angelhair when she asks which type of noodle. She nods and goes oh and walks off.
A long time passes. Another girl walks out and says
"Now...you wanted alfredo sauce on your pizza and the fries on the side?"
I said no alfredo sauce on the pizza...a cheese pizza with extra cheese and a side of PASTA with Alfredo sauce to go on the side of that. She says oh and asks which type of pasta-I say angelhair. She walks off.
Im starting to get a little worried about what I am going to get.
Time passes. We can see partially in the kitchen and I see 5 people huddled around a ticket looking as confused as if they were figuring quantum physics. I get a sinking feeling. Yep. One of the waitresses takes the ticket and walks straight to our table and says
"Im sorry, but what did you order? Alfredo sauce on your pizza????"
I take a breath as I am very hungry and not in the mood and repeat my entire order again trying to be very clear about what I ordered emphasizing that the alfredo sauce was for the side of pasta, not the pizza, and that I didnt want fries at all, and the type of noodles I wanted.. She nods...and asked which type of noodle even though I had just said it 15 seconds ago (and twice before). I clarify again.
Then my mom starts in on me blaming me-she says that they are all confused because NO ONE orders a side of pasta with pizza. I get more angry at my mom because...I dont know where the miscommunication happened, but Im not taking full blame for it. I ordered two very clearly stated dishes from the menu-I didnt even order anything weird as in off the menu. It shouldnt matter if I ordered two things that dont normally get ordered together-my dad ordered a beer with a nice italian dish that probably goes with wine better, but I didnt see anyone throwing a fuss about it or confused.
More time passes.
I see a waitress come again. Cue sinking feeling.
"So...no sauce on your pizza? And what type of pasta did you want?"
At this point I figure I am being punked and look around for the cameras. Seeing none, I answer once again that NO I NEVER ordered alfredo sauce on my actual pizza and that I wanted angelhair.
She nods vacantly. My mom says "Hey, lets get the menu and she can point out what she ordered!"
Girl walks away saying thats not necessary.
More time passes.
Food finally comes and shockingly enough...its correct!!!!
Bill comes...and the pricing is crazy. Only 1 or 2 of the prices matched what we ordered. (Like, the side of pasta with Alfredo sauce was supposed to be 3.95 and they charged 2.99 for some weird pasta dish that wasnt even what I ordered-I really think they were still confused as to what I ordered...but...it was ON the menu!!!)
We go wtf...and Im not sure if we got out better or they did, but we just wanted to leave after waiting so long so we paid and left.
The food was excellent and the waitstaff was polite through all of this so we left a 20% tip...
But now I feel really paranoid that I was doing something wrong. I have some slight...social anxiety that flares up in public sometimes, especially when these things happen, and I was pretty close to panicking just because I felt like somehow I wasnt communicating what I wanted properly. But I dont know how-I ordered items clearly off the simple menu and I spoke clearly to each person...my parents said I made perfect sense.
I wouldnt exactly say it was bad service...more like baffling and not good for someone who used to get really nervous to order at a restaurant up until the age of 18 :p

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