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Bad service (or, not that great service) at Ruby Tuesday's

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I decided to use his giftcard for Ruby Tuesday's. So, we popped in at a location inside of a mall. It was around 3:30 in the afternoon and the place had, at a maximum, 8 tables. We were seated in the nonsmoking section where there were 2 other tables occupied.

It took about 5 minutes for our server to take our drink orders, despite him helping the table behind us (refilling their drinks, clearing their dirty plates, etc.). Finally, like I said, after about 5 minutes or so, he greeted us and we got our drinks. When our drinks came out, me and Sean (the boyfriend) were ready to order... however, the waiter just dropped our drinks and quickly walked off without asking if we were ready to order o.O Me and Sean are STARVING, and I am aggravated that I have to wait yet more minutes to even order our food.

In the meantime, our waiter was helping the table behind us and just... ignoring us. About 5 minutes pass, and the waiter finally gets our food orders. While waiting for our food, a table of 7 is sat beside us. After about 25 minutes, our food finally arrives (which, I know, isn't exactly the waiter's fault).

Not once during our course did the waiter check with us to make sure our food was alright. His attention was focused on the 7 person table. We never got our drinks refilled, never asked if the food was alright, and never asked us if we needed anything else, like dessert or more napkins (the boyfriend ordered a half rack of ribs and we only had the napkins the silverware came in).

When we were done with our food, the waiter was quick to clear the plates. And... me and Sean waited for the check... and waited. About 10 minutes pass, and we finally get the check... and the waiter dashes off, yet again. Sean and I wait and wait for the waiter to get the gift card. After about 10 minutes, the waiter gets our check and comes back with the gift card and receipts. At this time, Sean is in the restroom. Now, the gift cards are rung up like credit cards, so Sean needs to sign the merchant copy of the reciept. So, I wait for Sean to come back from the restroom to do so. While waiting for Sean to finish in the bathroom, and not even a minute later, the waiter comes over and says "you done with my pen...I need my pen back." Um, riiiiight. I sign the merchant copy myself and give the pen back to the waiter.

Sean left a $2 (cash) tip on a $27 bill. I told him that was being a bit generous.

Maybe I am just impatient, but this waiter was SLOW.
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