bjex (bjex) wrote in bad_service,

A conclusion from the Duplicitous Hateful Liars...

As no doubt many of you will recall, I've been having problems with a certain courier service as described above and here.

Dear sweet Mike wasted one last afternoon at the dreaded depot office where he was finally told the truth. No doubt you remember that driver who had strolled away with the keys to the truck? Well, turns out he'd strolled away with the truck too. And all the boxes inside it. As well as my desk, as no doubt you would have gathered by now. Mike got to fill out a lovely police report before calling the shipper and telling him he expected a full refund. Originally, the shipper balked, but then Mike used his cell phone to have the customer rep for the shipper talk to the manager at the depot. Manager explained, well, what happened in my last post. The shipper decided that a full refund was in order.

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