creepybrat (creepybrat) wrote in bad_service,

Boxing week better sales then Boxing day?

On Boxing day I braved the crowds and went shopping. I bought a computer system at Best Buy.

Yesterday I noticed the Boxing Week flyer from Best Buy and they have the same computer system for the same price. The only difference is now a printer is added to the special. You get so much off the printer and the rest back after a mail in rebate. I was choked! Why would a special be better 2 days after Boxing Day?

I went to Best Buy today to look into it. I figured I should be able to get the printer offer since it's the same price and same system I paid for 3 days earlier. If not then return the system and buy it again to get the printer now. Does that make sense? I could see a 30 day difference between promotions but 2 days? And wouldn't you think the Boxing Day special be the better deal?

Anyway they normally crawl up your ass when you walk into the store, today they were busy and I had to find help. After several minutes standing and staring at clerks rush by I noticed a worker pricing
merchandise. I walked up to him and asked "Do you have anymore of these computer systems?" pointing to the flyer. He looks at me and a says "Um...I can't help you. Maybe if you look towards the store enterance you will see some." WTF? So I walked away..looked around and then left.

Tomorrow I'll try again...with hopefully better luck.
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