coanteen (coanteen) wrote in bad_service,

More delicious Canada Post hate

This seems to be a pattern here lately, so I thought I'd join.

I was away for a couple of days, doing shifs in another city. I come back to find my small mailbox stuffed with bubble envelopes (I happened to receive a bunch of crap all at once), which was fine.
What wasn't fine was the fact that two more large bubble envelopes were sitting on top of my mailbox.

Now my building has a door to the outside that isn't locked, then a small vestibule with the 6 mailboxes and an intercom in it, then another locked door to let residents into the building proper. So not only could my packages have been taken by any of the other residents, they could've been easily seen and taken by any random passersby.

Fucking Canada Post.
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