Chan Chan Bakersfield (chanpai) wrote in bad_service,
Chan Chan Bakersfield

Let us unite in our hatred for Canada Post

I'm an American who went to college in Canada. The town I went to school in was stupidly small, but everyone was really nice. My dorm was right next to the village post office and I would get stopped four or five times on my way there and asked how I was doing, how my classes were going, etc.
Walking into the post office was like a parallel universe. I often say the only genuinely mean and rude (not just carelessly rude, but active about it) people I ever dealt with in college were the post office ladies.
That is, as soon as I got my post office box and was able to actually go to the post office.
It's the first week of my freshman year. I am bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and 1,700 miles away from home. Because I like care packages, I decide that I do indeed need a post office box. So on Tuesday at about two o'clock I head out to the post office and wait in the long line.
About ten minutes pass (it was a long line for the size of the town) and when it's my turn, I ask to sign up for a post office box. I have checkbook and ID in hand as I saw the person right in front of me ask for the same thing, so I wanted to make her job easier.
"Didn't you get the announcement? We do that between 10:00 and 12:30."
Deciding that I was in just too good of a mood and too excited about being at a real school-- with no parents!-- I decided to just come back the next day.
Now, it was a religious school, so we had chapel in the morning. The soonest I was able to get to the post office was noon. I figured this would be fine since it was less than a five minute walk and the line wouldn't be longer than a few minutes.
I was right. I got there at 12:05.
I wait in line (two people) and get to the front of the desk at about 12:10 (I kept looking at the clock because the cafeteria would be a madhouse in about twenty minutes).
Repeat. Checkbook in hand and ID available when it comes to my turn and I say, "Hi, I would like to get a post office box!"
The same lady as yesterday-- grrr-- says to me, "We only do that between 10 and 12:30."
"But it's only 12:10," I say, pointing to the clock.
"I'm sorry, we only do it until noon."

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