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Argh! Annoying and frustrating service from PCH

That subject sums up most of our frustrations, eh?

Mum just got off the phone with a 'supervisor' at PCH (Publisher's Clearing House...yes the people with the big checks that never stop here), regarding an order she's been paying off.

In October, someone whose name I don't know because I wasn't on the phone had her do a check by phone (we still have all the confirmation information) and told her this payment would bring her paid in full and that she wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. (Yay!)

Fast forward to earlier this week (two MONTHES later) and mum gets a bill in the mail for the same bill that was supposidly 'paid in full'. So we tear the house apart to find a check confirmation number we didn't think we needed at the begining of the month and filed away (you would think after being a member for a couple monthes I wouldn't be that stupid...).

We find the check last night and today mum called them and now 'they have no record of what was said and that she still owes...' so on and so forth.

We HAVE the check, mum remembers the guys words, WHY ARE WE STILL PAYING?!

And why do these people always pull this shit on my MOTHER? She's a nice woman damnit, stop using her for a doormat!

Argh! I want to keel them!

Any ideas of where to go from here, besides, you know, paying more money to people who probably wont' even record the payments.

(and yes I know it's not terribly bad service but annoying and frustrating and just all around not nice)

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