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Hello everyone. A while back, my mother brought a new computer from Dell. It worked fine, but the trouble came when trying to set up an internet provider. We had received something like 6 months free from Earthlink, so she decided to go with them. She set it up and within hours she was on the internet. This was all fine for some time, until we got our phone bill. It seems that Earthlink set her up with a long distance number to dial out to. So every time someone used the internet, we would get charged some crazy amount to dial long distance. Keep in mind that the internet is used quite frequently in our house.

We really don't have that kind of cash to spend on a phone bill. So my poor mother desperately called sprint to see if anything could be done. She really didn't expect to get anything, but was pleasantly surprised. The sprint worker understood completely, highly suggested we move to cable (which we did), and had heard some bad things about Earthlink. Plus my mother has been a loyal customer since 1981. He said he would remove all the charges from earthlink and leave us only our phone charge and whatnot. He quoted us the number of our bill, but I forgot what is was exactly. We were very impressed, not to mention relieved. We thanked him a number of times and tentatively forgot about it.

Fast forward four or five months. Our sprint bill is still HUGE and several overdue fees have been attached. My mother has spoken to about SEVEN managers and personal for hours at a time, and has been brought to tears on two occasions. Each time though, we ended up getting nowhere. She even got their names and employee numbers but to no avail. Each person told her a different thing, some said the charges would be gone and some said they wouldn't. Thankfully some higher-up eventually OK'd it and we were promised the charges would be removed.

We haven't received our bill yet, but we are all a bit nervous. I'm not even sure where the bad service blame is, or if it's our own fault and we're bad customers. This has just been one HUGE headache for my family, and I'm hoping the stress will end soon.

I'll let you all know what happens! :)

EDIT: I just thought it should be known that I realize it wasn't necessarily Earthlink's fault, but my mothers. She's rather computer illiterate and wasn't aware of the whole process. However, our problem has mostly been with Sprint and the ordeal with the bill.

By the way, cable wasn't offered in my area until recently, and we now have it. I love it!

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