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My dad told this one this morning and it made me giggle.

While on a quest for a small utility knife for my brother, my dad decided that the Bass Pro Shop would be a good place to look. Normally, he'd be correct. Enter the holiday help, and it's another story. Now, please keep in mind, I have nothing against seasonal help-I've done it myself-but I do have to wonder at the um, sharpness of this particular hire.
My dad approaches the knife department and starts browsing. There is a clerk at the counter, but no offers of assistance or greeting are extended. Dad, being fairly reasonable in the face of holiday shell shock, lets it pass. He finally locates a knife that looks to fit my brother's requirements, and goes to ask the clerk to get it from the case.
Here's where things get a bit on the tilted side. The clerk looks panicked, and asks if the knife is in one of the display cases. Dad, confused, says yes. The clerk explains that someone walked off with the keys. Dad, now slightly annoyed, asks why the clerk hasn't gone to find the keys. The clerk appears surprised at this novel idea.
After a bit of kerfuffle, the keys are found and the case unlocked. The clerk starts looking, and can't locate the knife in question. He asks my dad if he's sure it's in the case, since most of the boxes look too small. Dad, now rather more than slightly annoyed, points out the larger boxes right below the small ones. Again, astonishment from the clerk, the knife is found, and all appears to be well. Something that should have taken all of five minutes has stretched into almost 20, but at least it appears to be done.
Unfortunately, it wasn't quite. The clerk goes to ring up dad's purchase. A rather irritated woman, wearing a Pro Shop name tag that included the phrase "Customer Relations" comes up to the desk with an expression between confusion and rage. She asks the clerk, "Have you been answering the phone?"
The clerk says, "No, not for a couple of hours."
"Hasn't it been ringing?"
"Well, yeah, but the first time we answered it someone asked us a question we didn't know, so we decided not to answer it again."
The CR woman stops, stares at the clerk, looks over at my dad, says, "Have a nice holiday sir." and just walks away. One has to admire her self control, but I really wish I'd been there to witness what had to be a spectacular explosion later on.
On the upside, the knife is exactly what my brother wanted. :)
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