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Dangerously bad service, I'd say...

Today, getting my prescription for Ditropan filled (I have a disability; this medication ensures my bladder empties properly and this is good for all things including my kidneys).

Chemist tells me the manufacturer has stopped making the product and is not making any more until February... first I'd heard of it; nobody told me. All I can get from the chemists is "There's an Australia-wide shortage of this product which will not be available again until February..." Grrr!

But wait! There's more!

Their website doesn't say this, but their phones don't answer. Every chemist in the area I've rang has told me the same thing, though. I've looked online to see if a similar medication exists; I can't find any, and no chemist I've tried (including the hospital) has told me of any alternative (Hospital pharmacy woman actually said "I dunno... I don't think so...")

My personal doctor's surgery is shut.

No chemists can or will help me.

And the manufacturer won't answer my calls.

That's pretty shitty service, if you ask me. If my GP or someone else had advised me that they were going to mysteriously stop manufacturing a product for a month (I don't even know why they've done this) I'd have stocked up.

As it is, I'll end up in hospital with a kidney infection by the new year at this rate.

EDIT: Am so totally not blaming the chemists- they can't give me what doesn't exist. You'd think a hospital would be a bit more helpful though- it's the manufacturer that sucks, and possibly my doctor too (explanations pending.)

Son of EDIT: Similar (sadly inferior, but any port in a storm, yeah?) product found via the time-honoured way of asking the chemist the same question three times- only the third time will the answer to "do you have a similar antispasmodic product?" be "yes, it's called xxx"! Now I wrangle with a medical centre doctor tomorrow to get a prescription for that.
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