Arielle (wildemoose) wrote in bad_service,

My fiance and I just walked out of a restaurant because of the bad service.

We went out to see a play this evening, and afterwards we thought we'd grab a drink (I especially wanted one since I had wanted a gin and tonic at the interval and the theatre bar had apparently run out of gin, but that's another story). We went to a restaurant/bar called Auberge which serves Belgian beer, and which we were happy to see had a non-smoking upper section. First of all, when we went to sit down, we noticed that since the non-smoking section is more a balcony than anything else, it's just as smoky as the downstairs. This obviously wasn't our server's fault, but everything else was.

We looked at the menu and decided that we'd each have a beer, and that we'd get some fries. After waiting for someone to come by and serve us, or at least wipe the table, for at least five or ten minutes, my fiance went up to the bar to order. It seemed to me like he was taking forever, and when he finally came back with our beers, he told me that they'd been having a problem with the till, but just stood there fiddling with it, without acknowledging him at all, for ten minutes while our drinks stood there. At this point, he went to the bathroom while I took a sip of my beer. At this point I realized that the beer was warm and had a weird metallic taste. I tasted his beer and it was cold and just fine. When my fiance came back, I asked him to taste my beer, and he agreed that something was wrong with it. At some point the fries came--a tiny portion of limp fries messily arranged in a dirty-looking metal bowl with condensation on it. We wanted to complain about these as well, but didn't because they were hot and tasted okay.

We called the waiter over and explained about the beer. He got a bit of an attitude and said that it couldn't be warm because both of the beers had just come out of the same fridge. I asked him to feel both the glasses, because the difference in temperature was obvious, which he refused to do. He said, "Well, I don't know what to tell you, I guess I could bring you something else." I asked for a gin and tonic, since that's what I had wanted in the first place.

The waiter came back with the gin and tonic, SLAMMED it on the table, and stalked away again huffily without saying a word. It was at this point that I decided we were leaving. My fiance had already paid at the bar, but if he hadn't, I really wouldn't have felt bad about leaving everything. I certainly wasn't going to drink something that had been prepared by someone with such an obvious attitude--it would have been badly prepared at best (it was in the wrong kind of glass, had no ice, no lemon or lime, and for some reason had a straw), and spit in at worst.

On the way home we stopped at the Sainsbury's and bought a bottle of gin and a bottle of tonic water so I could finally have my damn gin and tonic. My fiance is writing a letter to the store manager in the morning. It was the most ridiculously bad service I've ever seen.
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