She's Dangerous (wbatpoaginar) wrote in bad_service,
She's Dangerous

Turning to this community for some help. This issue is with Commerce Bank.

On December 20th, I transferred $40 from my savings account to my checking account online, so that I could withdraw $40 cash without overdrafting. Yesterday when I checked my online statement, I saw that the transfer had gone from my checking account to my savings account, causing me to overdraft and end up with $100 in fees.

I just spoke with Commerce and their only offer was to credit me one of the overdraft fees, leaving me with $80 in fees. They claim that it was not a bank error, it was my error, but the supervisor even admitted that if it was indeed my error it was an honest mistake. It's quite easy to see that I intended to get that $40 in cash, because I made an ATM withdrawl in the same amount not even an hour later. It is also apparent that if the transfer had gone the correct way my account would not be in overdraft status.

I hold two checking accounts, one savings account, and a credit card with Commerce, and I have for *years*. I do not think that as a good customer who has never disputed overdrafts or late fees that were of my own fault in the past, that I should have to pay $80 over what I am not even sure was my own honest mistake. I have never been unhappy with Commerce before - hell I've been singing their praises and have been the reason many people have switched to them.

The call center was no help, and I told them to keep their pitiful $20 credit and I would be contacting them again. I figured if they had already taken action on my account I might end up screwed.

Advice as to what to do now? I was thinking about talking with a banker in person to see if there wasn't something they could do. I know you all are excellent at digging up contact information for higher ups too.

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