Sammy (libwitch) wrote in bad_service,

they don't like my money, i guess

although my experience with mysterious money and charges is not anywhere near as bad as what tytal has had (and I am shuddering over that one), it was still a headache.

Last spring, I moved out of my old apartment and into my new one. The electrical services went under my boyfriends name, so my account was closed with a balance remaining.

The first great fun came when I was trying to pay off my old account. I pay a large chunk of it, but then the next month I get a notice saying they were going to flip it to a collections agency. I thought that was a little rude, since I had just paid about half my balance, so I call NYSEG and I am told that they letter just passed my payment in the mail, etc.

Ok, fine.

But then I make a second payment - and a week after that, I get my check from the first payment BACK with a stamp on it from NYSEG saying that my account did not exist. It has been two months since I sent in my payment.

I call, and I am told that yes, my account number is correct and yes, it certainly does exist. So she transfers me. And then HE transfers me because he doesn't have an explaination. And then I get transfered again - back to the first department.

This pretty much goes on for three days. And no one is willing to actually DO anything - they are just willing to confirm, that I do, indeed, have a problem. My name is not bringing up anything in the system (despite the fact I had have at least 3 accounts with them), and I kept begging them to look it up using something else then my name since I have a long and often misspelled name. No dice. They all wanted my partially non exist account number to look anything up.

I finally got ahold of someone in the payment part of the organization who, after insisting again that I did not have an account, despite what my bills, their letters to me, or what anyone else was saying. She can't look anything up because the account number I had was invalid.
After twenty minutes, I finally said:
Can't you look up the account by social security number? You guys take it everytime we open an account with you?
*long pause*
Oh, I guess I can.


Finally the problem was resolved, but I did have to threaten a talk to the Attonery General office before they agreed to drop late fees and stop it from going to a collections agency, since, as I pointed out, I had been giving them money and they kept sending it back!

Of course, as I was going through this, my boyfriend went through 6 mos of them billing him for both his new and old place, despite the fact he was able to show him his request for the change of service as well as the notification of his old account number being closed.

I hate NYSEG with a deep passion.
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