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Interesting Development in the Sprint PCS Saga

So late last night/early this morning, I posted this little entry about my current woes with Sprint Nextel. I want to thank you all for replying to me and sorry that I can't reply to everyone that's given me such good advice.

I'm on vacation at my boyfriend's dad's house for pre-Christmas visit and this is really trying my patience, something I don't have an abundance of anyway. It's very difficult to deal with this from 600 miles away from my home where there's the slight possibility of finding 16-month old phone bills from a company I don't even use any longer. Please add dripping sarcasm to everything after ''600 miles.''

Just now I received a call from one Ms. Kristen Wallace, the Southeast Public Relations Manager for Sprint/Nextel. She apologised for the exceedingly rude behaviour and said it was ''unacceptable.'' She apparently has access to high-level management in the collections and research departments, as she should. When I told her about calling my attorney and perhaps filing something with the BBB and Attorney General she said to give her 36-48 hours and if nobody called me back by Friday to call her on her personal mobile number and she'd arrange for me to speak with an Assistant VP.

To all of you that suggested that route and gave support, thank you. She seemed very much the perfect PR rep, too, let me tell you. ''Oh no''-ing and ''I'm so sorry''-ing, and ''mistaken idenity or maybe gross error''-ing in all the right places. Don't think I still won't be writing letters to the big high muckety-mucks there, though. I mean, honestly, I leave the country for 4 months, my parents make sure all my bills are paid and all my mail collected for all that time and absolutely NO communication from Sprint ... nope, uh-huh. I'm not having this.

I really and truly hope they call me soon, but I have to get some rest now. I was so angry last night (still am) that I didn't go to bed until 5AM. Then some road crew started using a jackhammer at 7AM. Yay. Thank you so much, City of Stone Mountain; I love you, too. Please, please, please don't let them call until I wake up.

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