Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass. (dazeydevyne) wrote in bad_service,
Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass.

Poor Mommy! And Boo Sears!

For some quick background: last year, my Mom bought both of my Grandmothers a jacket/pants set from Sears. Higher end stuff, about $120 for them both, on sale. The jacket was about $70, and the pants about $50. (I think it was close to that anyway) One of my Grandmas is... vertically challenged, shall we say. As in, she's about 4'10". Her stuff didn't fit, so Mom brought it back soon after Christmas to exchange for petite sized stuff. There was nothing then that Mom liked, so she asked the girl on the till about their return policy. The girl told her it didn't matter how long it was, as long as she had the receipt and the product, she could return it. Mom thought that was insane - NO limit on returns? But the girl swore it was true, so Mom believed her (Dad was there when it happened, and backs Mom up on this)

Over the past year, Mom checked in at Sears, to see if there was anything comparable to the too big set. But there's a scarcity of winter clothing in the summer months, so she didn't find anything. Finally, yesterday, she found something she liked. She brought it up to the till, and told the girl that she wanted to do an exchange. The girl looked at her receipt and, I'm not kidding you, laughed at her. She told her that it was too old to do an exchange. Mom told her what she had been told earlier; the girl stuck to her guns and was rude & condescending to her about it. So Mom got her to call a manager. The manager told her the same thing, adding that that WAS their policy - it had been changed in March. The manager was also very rude to her.

Eventually, they offered her a "fair deal" - they'd give her $6 for the pants. Nothing for the more expensive jacket. And they expected her to take it! And apply the "refund" to the other stuff she wanted.
Obviously, she told them to shove it, walked out and is now SUPER ticked off. And boycotting Sears.

I told her you guys rock at getting results - any ideas on what she can do with this??

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