kimnastics (kimnastics) wrote in bad_service,

So my boyfriend had the brilliant idea of going to Mick's one afternoon.

I ordered a pasta. At the top of the section for pastas, the menu states that you can get a salad for like $1.99 or something like that. When I order my food, I not only point to the dish I'm ordering but also as I ask if they have caeser salad, I point to the sentence stating I can add a salad for a couple of dollars. He thinks for a minute and then says yes. So I ask for that.

A little while later, I get this big ass salad with chicken and ranch dressing put in front of me. The guy doesn't stay long enough for me to say anything, and I had never been there before so I thought maybe this was just their salad. Or something. Which was pretty stupid of me. But I used to work at a restaraunt, and sometimes wrong dishes were brought out to customers, and since it would be the server's fault the guest doesn't get charged. And I'm very, very non-confrontational so I didn't say anything. Then my pasta comes. First off, let me mention it was the smallest bowl of pasta I've ever paid $10 for. It wasn't even that good, and I freaking love pasta. Anyway. Fast forward to us getting the bill. This guy had charged me for some Chicken Caeser Cobb or some crap that was like $12, as well as the pasta. Why would I want TWO entrees? Seriously. What a moron. I had POINTED to what I was referring to. I'm sorry, but when I go to a restaurant I expect my server to know the menu at least a little bit. I realize he could have been new and still learning the menu, but it seems common sense to me that someone wouldn't want TWO entrees. And I would also think it's kind of common sense that most places will sell you a small salad with your pasta dish for a couple extra dollars. But this guy obviously wasn't aware of the fact.

I didn't complain and just paid for the crap leaving a mediocre tip- because in the end I suppose it was my fault for not asking about the salad or anything, but I expect more from my server. When I point to what I'm referring to and say "DO YOU HAVE THIS IN CAESER?", I would think my server would not somehow gather that I would like a second entree salad that's nothing like what I asked for. Anyway.
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