Lindsey (happens) wrote in bad_service,


ok, so this is going to be a short one.
i went to subway on my lunch break the other day. i go in there alot so i recognize alot of the people that work there. the girl that served me was NOT new.
i ordered a 6 inch tuna salad on wheat bread and i go through all the vegetables and what not i want on it and then i get to the "NOT new" condiments girl. she asks, "mustard, mayo, salt, pepper?" i say, "just mustard, salt and pepper." she starts to put mayo on it and i say,"no, no, just mustard." she then proceeds to SCRAPE THE MAYO OFF WITH HER GLOVED HAND, which i NEVER see them actually change, and then put way too much mustard on it, to the point where all i could taste was mustard. W.T.F. i was so tired and more concerned with whether or not i was going to have enough time to get back to work and eat my lunch to really register how DISGUSTING that was until i was already out of the store.
i just didnt eat that part of the sandwich.
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