Rouk (roukzeptea23) wrote in bad_service,

My fiance and I went to get some ice cream the other evening. When he paid (with a $5 and our order was $2 something), the cashier looked around in her drawer and then mumbled to herself something about not having any pennies. Then she looked up and stared at us for a while, not saying anything. We were a bit confused, since she didn't say anything and didn't know what to expect. I expect that, if she didn't have any pennies, she would go get a roll of pennies or if that was not possible, just round up our change to the nearest nickel. After a while of staring she says that our change is $2.13 and asked if we needed the three pennies or if we would just take the dime. She said it in a tone of voice that indicated that it would be terrible of us to ask for our $.03. Since 3 cents isn't much and we didn't want the hassle (and the cashier already looked grumpy) we took the $2.10 and left. But I was very put off that she asked us to take a loss. It was just 3 cents, so I'm not upset at the loss of money, but she had a bad attitude and it seemed like a terrible thing to ask. I would have expected her to get more change (expected service) or give us $2.15 and take a loss of two pennies (smaller than our loss of 3 pennies, so if she can expect that of us we should be able to expect it of her, this would have been excellent service) and not request that we take less change (bad service). I've just never had this happen before and it seemed rather audacious of the cashier.
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