You can't see me (littleminds) wrote in bad_service,
You can't see me

Another Starbucks one...

I live in England. I expected more from the Starbucks here than the US. And so far I have been right.

Today was the last day of college/6th form, my friends and I were in the computer room when someone mentioned he was craving Hot Chocolate, and would go to Starbucks if she had someone to go with. So I shouted "Whose going to Starbucks, I'm driving" (I passed my driving test in October, and its STILL a novelty for me) so 5 of us decided we were going...coincidentily my closest friends. Great :)

We pile into my car, I park at my work because I have a parking permit, and it is in the centre of town. VERY useful. And off into Starbucks we go. One thing to note, is that I hate coffee. Just the smell can make me ill, but I adore their Frappochinos with cream, so I would deal.

We walk in, only to find someone I hate serving. By hate, I mean the last phone call I got from here was in November and she was drunk and saying how much she hated me etc. (She is also one of my best friend's best friend...but my best friend hates her. I don't know, its one of those cimplicated girl friendship things for 17 year olds. This girl is the kind of girl who gets anything at the drop of a hat, and, in nice words, sleeps around an awful lot more than normal people. Call me judgemental or whatever. )

But hey, all I want is my Frappochino. And I am with 4 other people, my most loved people, and my crush was with us too. Yay. So I ask everyone what they want, since I am feeling very generous. I order 2 caramel Frappochinos, one with coffee, one with cream, some smoothies and chocolate. We stand waiting for them to be made, when I see the before mentioned girl pointing at me and laughing at me to her coworker, thinking that we could not see her. My friends saw my face crumple, and I was not happy. But maybe, for some weird reason, there was a logical explanation for it...maybe she was pointing at the display behind me and laughing. Or whatever. THEN I hear my name mentioned, and catch words like "that's her" and things like that. I was actually really upset at this point. She handed our drinks, I grabbed mine, and off we went. Now my much loved Frappochino was not well made, missing the cream off the top, etc. My crush gave me some of his though, and I actually liked the coffee in it, so something good came out of it. Soon I will be on real cups of coffee.

So my complaint? You may not like me. I may come into your place of employment once in awhile. But PLEASE, for the love of Frappochinos, do not let your personal views of me affect the service that you give me.

And why doesn't she like me? What was the most evil thing that I have done? I chose not to hang around with her, not going out drinking, not going around sleeping with everyone that walks, not to drive wrecklessly. And not in a rude way. Not ignoring her, etc.

I just feel so put down after that. She ruined my last day at college with my best friends, and just having a nice time.

Off topic...should I also be scared that my gay best friend and I both like my crush...and we also go for the same guys :)
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