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I have never had a problem with AOL. Until I completed my year commitment and canceled my account. The guy I talked to was nice, told me all was set and even refunded me for the over payments I have made. This was in October. I have since gotten a new AOL account. Fast forward to this morning, I check my bank balance and I see my balance lower than it should be. I am thinking, "I know I refrained from spending any of the money my grandma sent me" So I look and there is a $14.00 cancelation fee. It is December and I am just now getting a fee? I DON'T THINK SO. I called and the rep said I was basically shit out of luck because the guy who handled my account did not put on my account when I had cancelled why he gave me a cash credit and did not forward my cancellation request to a supervisor, and they are telling me I had entered into another year long commitment. I told her I keep my commitments and I knew I was going to cancel that account, so I knew I would not have entered into any thing. She told me she couldn't help and to dispute it with my bank. So I said "I think this is retarded because I cancelled in October and it is December and this is not my fault that the guy who cancelled my account couldn't do his job." I called my bank and I have to wait for it to post before I can file a claim. The bank rep was nice enough though, even shared a laugh over my cats name, Squirrel.

*I did a spell check and the spelling on cancellation still doesn't look right*

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