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Not so much bad service as an overlooked typo. It's just funny now.

My wife and I moved into a new house in July, and around the beginning of August, we started getting a lot of calls for Catherine Peterson. We'd inform them that no one of that name lived here, and it was usually the end of it. Sometimes they'd call again, but usually that was it.

This kept going and we were wondering how many people wanted to call her. None of them claimed to be from a business, they were both male and female, and they were all during normal business hours. They were all courteous and polite, with no accusations of lying to them.

Finally, towards the end of September, we get it figured out when a caller confirms WHY they are calling.

Me: Happy go lucky
G: Mr. Call-Me Guy

{ring ring}
Me: hello
G: hello, is Catherine Peterson there?
Me: No, I'm sorry, no one of that name lives here.
G: Is this ***-**3*?
Me: Yes it is...
G: Well, this is the number listed for Local State Senator's office for information about his internship program.
Me: (surprised) No, this is a residence, I'm sorry.
G: It's ok, sorry.

I googled my phone number, and it brought up a page from Local State Senator's webpage giving details about applying for an internship, with our number listed in the text next to "and speak to Catherine Peterson". At the bottom of the page is Catherine Peterson's official closing with all her numbers listed, and she's listed as ***-**8*.

Ok, so I print out a copy and drive to the office (not to far away, in the big post office building).

I went in and after I explained the situation, the look of absolute terror on the girls face (not Catherine Peterson, but an intern working that day) made the trip worth while. They said they had caught the error that week after someone mentioned it, but they were going to double check it had been corrected. I haven't gotten a call since.

Not really bad service, but still annoying to have the phone ring with 5 wrong numbers a day when I work graveyards.
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