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This week I went to a Subway to get a sandwich on my lunch break. I ordered a 6 inch turkey on wheat as did the woman who was in front of me. We were the only two customers in the Subway. Everything is fine, I pay, and go out to my car. I open my sandwich and see, ew, tomato and pickle on it. I did not order tomato and pickle. One of the nice things about Subway is that you can watch your sandwich being made and it is made exactly to order.

I figure my sandwich, once wrapped up, got mixed up with the other customer's sandwich. No big deal. Mistakes happen and that is fine.

Me - Me
SA - Sandwich Artist

Me: *nicely* Oh excuse me, this sandwich is not my sandwich. I think it may have gotten mixed up with another customer's order.

SA: *looks at me as if I have just denied the Holocaust and says snidely* Are you SURE?

Me: (in my head: No, I like to spend my lunch breaks hassling people and not reading my book) Yes, this one has pickle and tomato on it, which I did not order. The other woman who was in here also had turkey on wheat so I think the wrapped sandwiches got mixed up.

SA: Fine. *proceeds to make sandwich, gets to the veggies and I specify what I want*

SA: *as if the sandwich is offensive to her* I JUST made this for you.

Me: *getting a little annoyed* I know that. But you also made a near identical sandwich for someone else. You can check the sandwich I just gave back to you. It is not the same as the one you made for me before or the one you are making for me now.

SA: No, no, fine, I believe you.

Anyway, I got my sandwich and left. I know I wasn't being unreasonable and the SA was nice when I first went in. I was pretty baffled by the experience. Why the hostility, ya know? Guess I'll go to Togo's next time.

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