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My husband and I met his mother and a cousin visiting from out of town at Bob Evans, for lunch. Apparently, that was just a bad idea, all around.

Manly went to pick up his mom, and told me to meet him there with the kids at noon (don't get me started on the fact that he didn't wander in till a half hour after we'd been seated.) We got there at 11:45, and were seated at noon. The waitress dumped our menus on the table and ran. At 12:15, she wandered over to ask if we wanted drinks, taking drink orders for me, the baby, and the four year old, but ignoring the 12 year old. When I told her we were ready to order our food (because we couldn't wait for the rest of them due to the 9 month old), she turned on her heel and wandered off. Till 12:25. Then she brought our drinks (but not Little Tree's, because she hadn't bothered to ask LT what she wanted), and took our orders.

The cousin had shown up by then, and was sitting with us. She did not ask him what he'd like to drink before she took off.

Manly and his mom finally showed at 12:45. We still didn't have the kids' food, and our waitress had not been seen since. No refills. No crackers. No nothing. She finally showed back up at 12:50 with our food. The baby's scrambled eggs? Were nearly cold, and hard. Obviously, they'd been sitting under a lamp for god knows how long. My sandwich? Merely warm. She did not ask us if we wanted refills for our EMPTY cups.

She took orders for the others...except for cousin M, who she ignored and then walked away from. When she came back with their drinks, he called her on the fact that he needed to order. "Oh, ha,ha, it's busy" was her response (by that time, the section was nearly empty, except for us). Halfway through *their* meal (which did not take 30 minutes to arrive, unlike mine), she asked the two guys if they wanted refills, and when I opened my mouth to say, "We need some..." she turned on her heel and walked away. When she brought their drinks, Cousin M said, "I think we need some..." and she fucking walked away AGAIN. We had to shout at her to get her attention. I was so pissed I couldn't see straight.

You know, when I sit in a restaurant with an infant, I realize I'm being a pain. But if the server is good, I tip accordingly (I've left - no joke - 50% tips to waiters who took extra care of us because of the kids - bringing their food out first, etc.) As we left (because Peri had long since turned into a pumpkin), I looked at Manly and said "Don't you DARE leave her a goddamn dime."

It was one of the most unpleasant meals I've ever had at a Bob Evans.
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