bellefior (bellefior) wrote in bad_service,

My Worst "Fears" Come True...

This took about 10 years off my life. I called a major department store's (rhymes with "Fears") credit customer service to find out why my account had been closed.

A little background is important here. I am subscribed to a one-year credit watch from one of the big three credit reporting agencies. Courtesy of another credit card company whose computer tapes with my personal information went missing in transit about 6 months ago. I'm sure you know who I mean, since it was on the news. I ran my credit report when I first subscribed, and nothing out of the ordinary. The service also sends me e-mails when there is a change in my credit report, most often when I've charged something up and my balance goes beyond a certain percentage (which is set to some ridiculously low amount). Last night, I got a notification that my "Fears" Account had been closed. I figured it was because I hadn't used it in 4-5 years, but called this morning to get verification.

When I talked to the Customer Service Rep, she told me that the account had been closed because the credit had been revoked. I told her I understood that, but wanted to know why. She then proceeds to tell me that there is something negative in my credit reports. I am like, what are you talking about, there is nothing negative there. So she tells me to run checks with all three credit reporting bureaus because something may have changed but she can't tell me what.

I am in a panic. I figure somehow, someone has opened up a credit account in my name that I don't know about and is racking up charges. So I pull current reports from each of the 3 reporting agencies. Nothing negative whatsoever.

I call back Customer Service. I get a different rep, explain the situation, tell her I pulled my credit reports and there is nothing in there, so why am I being told it was closed due to something negative. She then tells me that Customer Service Reps can tell you an account was closed, but not the reason and she can forward me to someone who can.
That the first person should have never told me that, but she would pass me on to someone who could. At least she knew she couldn't answer the question and gave me to someone who could. She also apologized.

The guy that I get on the phone goes through all the ID verification questions, looks up my account, and says it was closed due to "file maintainence". Guess what that means? You got it, like I first thought, when an account is inactive for so long, they close them! It was not due to anything negative in my credit history whatsoever. He also told me that the 1st CSR should not have told me what she did, that they don't know the reasons why an account is closed. He said sometimes when they see "credit revoked", then they just assume that it is due to bad credit, which they shouldn't because that isn't always the case (as we've seen with me). When I asked if there was some way to track down who I spoke with, I was told unless they made a note in the file, there was no way of knowing (which they hadn't). With 6 call centers around the country, even with a first name, you still can't track it down. My fault for not asking the first idiot to repeat her first name, and then getting her last name. But at least he was very very apologetic and understood why I was so upset. I kept waiting for him to ask me if I wanted to reactivate my account, because I had the answer all ready, but he had enough common sense not to do it!

PS. Thanks to those who told me how to hide text behind a cut!
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